8 Reasons to Smash the Tv

In the age of binge-watching, our decision to not have a television in our home is alien to most. We've even declined a few free tv offers from friends. We often get the "oh, you're one of thoooose people" look when we say our home is one without a tv. This choice we have made as a … Continue reading 8 Reasons to Smash the Tv


The Truth About Self Care

Self Care. As mothers, we hear those words a lot. Everywhere I turn I see a new post offering tips for fitting self-care time into your schedule, ideas on different self-care activities, and reasons why self-care is so important. This is probably going to raise some brows, but, I actually think the underlying tone of … Continue reading The Truth About Self Care

A Bare Bones List of What Your Baby Actually Needs

This post contains NO affiliate links. Just some links to some of the things we have used for Little-bit.  We've all seen those lists. 25 Must-Have Items for Baby  Detailed List of Baby Necessities  What To Buy For Your Baby  And all the likes. These lists are filled with items listed as life-savers and absolute necessities. Items … Continue reading A Bare Bones List of What Your Baby Actually Needs